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Senanan sings about bandmen, scandals, love hotels and otaku.

Senanan wears many hats — she's a singer, DJ, fashion designer, model and blogger all rolled into one. Prior to her recent Saboten Con appearance, JaME had the chance to interview this multi-talented personality about DJ-ing, her radical song lyrics and dieting in preparation for her Tokyo in Tulsa 2019 show.

What does "Senanan" mean? How did you come up with this name?

Senanan: My real name is Sena. Senanan was my nickname at the time I started my music activities.

What got you into DJ-ing?

Senanan: The second-hand clothes store where I originally worked held a clubbing event and that was when I thought I wanted to give DJ-ing a go. First of all, my target was to cosplay the DJ Saolilith and dance, and be an anisong DJ.

What's the hardest part of DJ-ing?

Senanan: It’s all difficult … because I’m not very good … Saying that, it’s really fun so I intend on continuing!

What inspires your fashion designs?

Senanan: Usually phenomena that appear on the internet. Things like anime characters and the like. It’s also shown in my lyrics!

What kind of topics do you usually sing about? Why do you choose such topics?

Senanan: Again, the answer is the internet because I think that our current generation is ruled by it. Of course, I’m also ruled by the internet!

What was the inspiration behind Omae no bando wa sukidakedo omae no koto wa sukijanai (I like your band but I don't like you)?

Senanan: I love bands, but recently bandmen that dance like idols are increasing in number and the fans seem to be treating the bands like idols. "Which do they really like? The band or the bandmen themselves?" is something I’ve thought a lot.

How did the opportunity to work with KOUICHI from FEAR FROM THE HATE on Omae no bando wa sukidakedo omae no koto wa sukijanai come about? Please describe your experience working with him.

Senanan: I’ve loved FFTH from the beginning, and I’ve had the pleasure of being able to DJ at their events. Because of that, I was contacted by the bassist Hiro. KOUICHI is a genius and his songs are always on point, so I’ve always gotten a lot of inspiration from them for my own melodies and lyrics. When we recorded together, an already crazy song became crazier, which was absolutely amazing!

$ CUNT DULL is an eyebrow-raising song title. Why did you title the song as such?

Senanan: I simply cannot say this title at all! (laughs) It’s actually a twist on the word "scandal". Recent Japanese scandals have eaten people alive, and moved a lot of dirty money. It’s so petty and I hate that kind of thing so much that it’s almost good to say "cunt" about what’s happening. That was my thinking behind it.

Have you been working on any new music release? If so, what can you tell us about it?

Senanan: Yes, I have! My new songs are going on sale at the end of October! This release also has radical content! The working titles are Rabu hoteru ni iku koto mo sukunakunatta (We’re going to love hotels less and less) and Kyougen aidoru to mougen otaku-kun (Dramatic idol and abusive otaku), so I’m sure that those with a sharp mind will definitely be able to guess what’s in them! (laughs) Rabu hoteru ni iku koto mo sukunakunatta paints a picture about a love affair and opposition to the internet. Kyougen aidoru to mougen otaku-kun is a song all about hatred.

What are your thoughts on performing at Saboten Con?

Senanan: I’m so happy! I was invited by people that like me, and I’m so pleased that they are willing to see me! I want to be able to spread Japanese culture overseas in a way that is unique to me, and more than anything I can’t wait to sample the American food and drink culture, as well as see the scenery! Thank you so much for inviting me! I really want to return the favor!

Tokyo in Tulsa 2019 is many months away. How do you intend to spend your time in preparation for it?

Senanan: I’m increasing my repertoire of songs and going on a diet! I wasn’t able to do it in time this year … I hope I’ll be able to show you all a cuter me when the time comes!

Is there any QissQill outfit you're particularly proud of?

Senanan: It has to be the 2.X Dimension Parka. It was the parka that was sold with the first CD I released after joining the label. It sold a lot … Through this parka, I think that my life and my value changed, and it’s something that reflects that peoples’ lives can change and have new fateful encounters!

Please leave a message for JaME readers.

Senanan: I want you to know more about Senanan! I think that everyone only knows me by my photos online … I’ve recently started a YouTube channel, so please check it out!

JaME would like to thank Senanan and Chaotic Harmony for this interview opportunity.


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