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Mix Speaker's,Inc. have started the last tour before their disbandment in February 2018.

Recently, Mix Speaker's,Inc. announced that they will disband after a final show at Tokyo’s EX THEATER ROPPNGI that will be held on February 25th, 2018. After the release of their last album JACK IN THE TOY BOX, the band started their longest ever nationwide tour from Shibuya’s TSUTAYA O-WEST on November 12th. Each show of the tour features a different conceptual style of MIX THEATER. The first day of the tour featured TOY DOLL no Gyakusyu.

Before the show began, two human-sized dolls named LUNA and SUNNY spoke to the fans. “This is a story about the anger of toys that were disposed of by their owners. Beware of the revenge of toys, because they will come after you.” After their narration, vocalist NIKA appeared on the stage as the character TOY SOLDIER, and he introduced the band members one by one: co-vocalist MIKI as JP MONSTER, guitarist AYA as MURDER DOLL, guitarist keiji as CRAZY MARIONETTE, bassist seek as Dr.BLIK, and finally drummer S as CRASH BEAR.

The two vocalists and the fans made marching steps together as the first song, TOY DOLL no Kousin, began. Fans enjoyed the harmony of the two vocalists during the song’s catchy chorus part, and they headbanged aggressively to keiji’s guitar solo. Afterwards, seek took center stage and provoked the fans with his bass intro to L.D Bride. “Tokyo, are you ready!?” MIKI’s shout signaled the fans to start headbanging. The song’s dynamic modulation and haunting melody entertained the fans, who sometimes danced with the two singers and shouted with the guitarists. AYA also stole the spotlight for a moment by playing a guitar solo at the center of the stage.

“This is our last tour. I was very nervous before the show”, NIKA said. Later, the band members casually discussed an incident where AYA accidentally tweeted a video of S rehearsing before the show when his drum set had the day’s set list posted on it. “Fans sent direct messages to me saying that they could see today’s set list in the video,” AYA said. “It was my fault for putting the set list on my drum set,” S’s apology made the fans laugh. “It’s difficult to use SNS,” AYA remarked, making the fans laugh even harder. After the band finished teasing AYA, they brightened up the atmosphere by playing the glittering pop song Dandelion. Fans shook the venue by jumping around, following NIKA’s lead.

“Let’s sing together”, NIKA said before Last hours started up. The vocalists created a sweet harmony, emotionally singing of the beginning of their last journey together. The band later played four ballads, including Capsule, which features MIKI’s favorite lyrics. “Isn’t it kind of emotional for the first day? Let’s dance!”, NIKA said. The next song, 「SOS」Toy’s Factory, changed the atmosphere. AYA picked up cheerleading pom poms and danced together with the two vocalists. During the cheerful pop-rock song, keiji entertained the fans by using a toy gun during his guitar solo. The two vocalists and the audience members pulled out Japanese folding fans for the next song, Urameshi Yashiki Chika Sankai. Waves of folding fans and the audience’s singalong created a spectacular view during the Japanese ghost story song. “Let’s get crazy!”, NIKA stirred the fans up for the last song, TOY DOLL no Bousou. The aggressive song had fans moshing left and right at the vocalists’ lead.

NIKA took some time to speak to the fans during the encore. “As you guys already know, we will disband next February. I love this band, I love being here with you guys. That will never change. We have so many emotions towards this last tour, but it would take a very long time to tell you everything about it here. I look forward to having shows in many different places. There are some songs that will be played only on certain days, so please don’t miss it. Time may pass very fast. I love seeing your smiles. We will play the next song live for the first time. Please give us your voice.”

The band then presented “as same as…” to the fans. Finally, they played the last song, Shiny tale. The breathtaking harmony of the two vocalists resonated throughout the venue. The show came to a beautiful climax with the fans and the band members singing the song together a cappella. After the song, the six band members stood hand-in-hand on the stage and took their last bows.

At the end of the show, MIKI also spoke to the fans. “Our last tour has finally started. We have been able to make a good start. We are moving towards the end one step at a time. You can smile, or cry, but please let all of us leave no regrets at the end. Follow us!” An ovation from the fans filled the venue as MIKI left the stage.

Set List

01. TOY DOLL no Kousin
02. ☆彡station
03. L.D Bride
04. Dandelion
05. Romeo no Melody
06. Last hours
07. Toi Kaze
08. Capsule
09. Boku. Mikazuki
10. the end
11.「SOS」Toy’s Factory
12. Urameshi Yashiki Chika Sankai
13. Innocent World
14. Space Hunter
15. Wanderer
16. No,5 COASTER
17. TOY DOLL no Bousou

18. “as same as…”
19. Pandra
20. MONSTIME long ver.
21. Shiny tale
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Mix Speaker's,Inc. 25/02

Mix Speaker's,Inc.
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