live report - 12.09.2017 10:01

REOL performs a jaw-dropping show-stopper at this year's HYPER JAPAN, wowing the crowds with their debut appearance in London.

The excitement for REOL this afternoon is very real as fans push close to the stage, leaning over the rope separating them from the stage, stretching as close as possible. As the lights dim, the atmosphere peaks and bursts, the crowd screaming at the tops of their lungs for the band members to appear.

REOL herself dances onto the stage with energy plentiful, aiming straight for centre stage, to begin LUVORATORRRRRY! the first song of the performance. Already the buzz in the room is high as fans and new listeners alike jump, throw their fists (and light sticks) up and dance to the melodic and fast paced music.

It takes a couple of songs in before GigaP leaves his station at the side of the stage to join REOL at the front to interact with the crowd, but when he does it is obvious the comfort-zone barrier has been dropped and GigaP's interaction with the crowd is joyous for many to see.

Of course, REOL is missing one member of the group today, whom fans find out later is not too well this weekend. Okiku is spending her time recovering from illness, so unfortunately she "has had to stay away".

ChiruChiru slows the pace ever so slightly, a wonderfully melodic dance song, giving a little reprieve to both audience and REOL as her moves match the slower beat and she spends these few minutes walking up and down the length of the stage between the choreographed dance.

The song choices for this weekend are centralised around their first album release, SIGMA, and what better way to entertain the fans already here and grab the attention of those just here out of curiosity? The choreography of REOL's live performance perfectly reflects the songs as well, both REOL and GigaP taking it in their stride, matching each beat flawlessly and still having a smile at the end.

REOL's final song, Give Me a Break Stop Now, is a brilliant way to end the show this afternoon. As if the performance today has not been energised enough, REOL's last song doesn't disappoint. While the screens show the track’s accompanying music video, REOL and GigaP themselves control the stage and the audience, ensuring that everyone who is in the room right now is having the time of their life.

REOL's debut here in London was ground-breaking. Their eclectic mix of electronic, rap and dance music certainly made for a winner at HYPER JAPAN this year and it will certainly offer many fond nostalgic moments for everyone who got the chance to see them over the weekend.

Set List

02. New Type Tokyo
03. Re:
04. ChiruChiru
06. YoiYoi Kokon
07. Give Me a Break Stop Now
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