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the GazettE celebrated their 15th anniversary at Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

the GazettE started out in 2002 and has since gained much popularity within the visual kei scene in Japan as well as around the world with their harsh sound and appealing aesthetics, earning the place as one of the most popular visual kei acts today. In honor of their 15th anniversary, fans from all over the world gathered at Yoyogi National Gymnasium during the evening of March 10th to celebrate the occasion. The concert was a look back at and a tribute to their earlier releases, with a set list concentrating on material from the start up until 2005. At just the right timing for the occasion, the GazettE had released their ballad best album TRACES VOL.2 on March 8th.

The lights that filled the arena were put out, and an impressive opening with a lightshow started as banners with the name of the concert were raised. Cherry blossom-like petals came falling from the ceiling and all five members entered together to the sound of the fans' excitement. The concert opened with a good mood setter, Anata no Tame no Kono Inochi, not too bright and not too heavy. For the GazettE, the opening was rather cheerful, but the set gradually became harder and darker. The band seemed as excited as the crowd, RUKI’s vocals totally unaffected by the quick changes between growling, shouting and singing. Back drop Junkie [nancy] and Sugar Pain set the perfect mood in Yoyogi National Gymnasium, and RUKI made sure everyone was headbanging and jumping to those two energetic songs.

Since it was the GazettE’s anniversary, some rather rare songs such as Senchimentaru na onigokko were played. RUKI asked the fans during an MC if they ever had heard the song live, causing a couple of hands to be raised in the audience. These older songs differ a little from the band's recent repertoire, and since they’re now rarely played live, it was a great opportunity for older fans who had followed the GazettE since the beginning to hear these rare gems again, and also of course for new fans who didn’t get to hear them back when they were released to listen to them now.

With barely any slow songs included in the set, the emotional Cassis came as a break, showing how versatile the GazettE can be. RUKI joined in on guitar for this particular song, and despite the big arena Cassis created sort of an intimate feeling. After that, the band kept going strong with the upbeat and energetic songs, not seeming to get tired one bit. URUHA and AOI got the chance to shine in Ruder as they met in the middle of the stage to play together.

For the last song of the main set, the GazettE played no less than Kantou dogeza kumiai. This old classic sent the arena into ecstasy, fans moshing and creating their own headbanging circles, and some even went down on the floor to headbang to the rough and heavy beat. It’s a rare thing for a band to be able to fill an arena such as Yoyogi Gymnasium with so many dedicated and unified fans. Just seeing the crowd’s excitement and reaction to the band is an event in itself.

As soon as the GazettE left the stage, fans immediately called for an encore. The members entered stage again, looking more casual in band T-shirts. Doro darake no seishun was the first song for the encore. KAI excitedly cheered on the crowd and RUKI reminded the audience to headbang. Before leaving the stage again, they played 「Haru ni Chirikeri, Mi wa Kareru de Gozaimasu」, and all fans copied RUKI’s energetic dance moves.

Not satisfied with only one encore, the fans began calling for another as soon as the band left the stage. The band returned once more and played the final song, Miseinen. For this last song of the evening, more petals, as well as silver strips, rained from the ceiling. As the concert marked an anniversary, all band members left emotional messages for the fans who had followed them these 15 years, and will also follow them for the years to come. This definitely was a big evening, for the fans and for the GazettE, as tears were shed both in the audience and on stage.

As a final message to the fans, an announcement was made. the GazettE will hold their event Burst into a blaze 3 in August, nine years after the previous one. General ticket sales will start on July 8th.

Set list

01. Anata no tame no kono inochi
02. Zetsu
03. Juuyon sai no Knife
04. Sentimental na onigokko
05. Back drop Junkie [nancy]
06. Sugar Pain
07. Toguro
08. Kawareta haru kawarenu haru
09. Last bouquet
10. Cassis
11. Zakurogata no yuutsu
13. Wife
14. Ruder
16. Kantou dogeza kumiai

Encore 1
01. Doro darake no seishun
02. Akai One-Piece
03. 「Haru ni Chirikeri, Mi wa Kareru de Gozaimasu」
05. LINDA ~candydive Pinky heaven~

Encore 2
01. Miseinen

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