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interview - 01.09.2015 10:01

On his second European tour with G.L.A.M.S, Mikaru sat down to talk us through his creative universe.

During his second tour with G.L.A.M.S, the multi-talented Mikaru took some time to talk with JaME about all his different means of expressing himself, the meaning of the moon, and why a performer like him keeps pet bunnies.

Hello Mikaru, you’ve visited Europe several times now. what are you especially looking forward to this time?

Mikaru: The first time, I discovered crab salad! (laughs) This time, I have to do my make-up by myself. The staff are very happy about this. Even when I feel tired, I have to apply and remove my make-up by myself! I would like people to come again to listen my music and also, I would like other people to come discover my universe. I want to enjoy the new places I will go to.

Your project G.L.A.M.S is very diverse, offering music, paintings and jewellery. Which part are you currently working on?

Mikaru: The most important part for me is the music, but I work on all parts of the project at the same time, because G.L.A.M.S is a set! I would like to create things I like until I die.

For this tour, you decided to expand your support band – now Yudai of BLACK LINE accompanies you. Why did you choose him to come with you this year?

Mikaru: I really like his way of playing the guitar, his music sense and his musical rhythm. Plus, he is very funny! His personality changes when he is on stage, he is totally different and I like it. He also helps me a lot during recordings. He is the number-one guitarist for me.

Musically speaking, what does working solo mean for you? Are there limits you do not have in a band or does it give you more freedom?

Mikaru: For DIO and BLACK LINE, there were five members, so five brains. For me, a solo career means "freedom". I have no limits. In a band, all members have to agree with each other about every decision. Now, I'm the only master of my creations!

Do you have plans for another exhibition of your paintings in Europe or Japan?

Mikaru: Sure! I would sincerely like to have the opportunity to show my work again in Europe and Japan. I think I will soon try to participate in some contests or exhibitions in Japan, but I would also like to have the opportunity to exhibit my work in other places, in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Would you like to use your paintings as a part of your show, such as stage design? Or would you like to paint a full stage design by yourself?

Mikaru: Hmm ... this idea seems to be good! By customizing the scene and the scenery, people would be plunged into my lair. (laughs) But I also want them to enjoy my show. I want to keep this idea.

Until now, your jewellery has consisted solely of individual items. Do you have plans for a full collection, or do you want to keep producing only unique pieces?

Mikaru: I think all my jewellery pieces are unique and I won't create a collection. Each of my creations comes from a special feeling that I felt one day and that I wanted to bring to life. Each piece is unique and that's what I love.

Besides music, paintings and jewellery, can you imagine adding another aspect to your project? If so, what would it be?

Mikaru: I would like to experience any form of art ... One day, I would like to create my own perfume!

What is your special connection to the moon and night, which are especially displayed in your music?

Mikaru: The night is my element, and the moon refers to what I am: a vampire!

As a rock star with a dark, cool persona, how come you own two cute bunnies?

Mikaru: I'm someone who is very active and energetic, so I need calm and reassuring people around me. So I have Lili and Lala!

What can people who’ve never seen G.L.A.M.S live expect from one of your concerts?

Mikaru: G.L.A.M.S is my universe, my emotions. I want them to open their hearts to my universe and to have fun and be moved as much as me.

Thank you very much for this interview. Do you have a message for our readers?

Mikaru: Thanks to everyone who came to my shows! I'm very happy to see you again! Please, never forget my name! I am Mikaru!!!

JaME would like to thank Mikaru, Râmen Shô, Justine and Stephanie for making this interview possible.
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