Mix Speaker's,Inc. Bukimi na mori~From dusk till dawn~ at Shibuya Club QUATTRO

live report - 08.09.2015 10:01

Over two nights in July, Mix Speaker's,Inc. took fans on an adventure through a haunted forest at Tokyo’s Shibuya Club QUATTRO.

On July 25th, twin vocal visual kei band Mix Speaker's,Inc. started their summer tour Bukimi na mori ~From dusk till dawn~ at Tokyo’s Shibuya Club QUATTRO. Over two days, the band guided fans through a haunted forest from dusk to dawn. It was also announced during the show that the band will release the new studio album Corpse Carnival, their first in three years, on November 11th 2015. It was also revealed their next nationwide tour would start November 14th. You can find the full list of tour dates on Mix Speaker's,Inc.'s official website.

Yofuke no Mori (Haunted Forest at dusk), July 25th

The stage was dressed as if it was the middle of a haunted forest. Green lights illuminated ivies hanging from the ceiling, as well as some coiled around microphone stands and the drum kit. Before the show, Celtic background music enhanced the fantastical atmosphere in the venue, filling fans with anticipation for the haunted forest that Mix Speaker's,Inc. was about to invite them into. After the blackout, two human-sized dolls LUNA and SUNNY emerged onstage and their narrations started to play: “Welcome to the haunted forest. You cannot escape this place once you’ve stepped in. Our ghosts will guide you along the dark path. You might be able to find a way out, if you’re lucky.”

Shortly thereafter, the band walked onstage: vocalist NIKA as Exorcist, his co-vocalist MIKI as Murder Doll, guitarist AYA as Mrs. ROSE, guitarist keiji as Evil Eye, bassist seek as Bone Collector, and finally drummer S as Candle Man. The show started with Yakusoku no Mori, and the song’s mellow melody and two vocalists’ sweet vocals lured fans deep into the haunted forest. Then a new song, Side trip Killer rose, took over. This aggressive and danceable number quickly won fans’ hearts, and they danced along with the harmonious twin vocals with tambourines in their hands.

Another narration by LUNA and SUNNY started to played: “This is a fateful crossroads. If you make a wrong turn, there will be no getting out from this haunted forest.” Shortly after, the band started to express the forest’s violent anger with more aggressive songs. The two singers used batons as if they were conducting raging spirits during one of the band’s classics: Ghost Orchestra. Fans head-banged violently with AYA and keiji’s fiery guitar strokes and the beastly shouts of seek.

Later, the white-clad Exorcist NIKA started to walk around the dark stage with a flashlight. Suddenly, the flashlight spotted the mask which reminded fans of a certain famous character from “Friday the 13th. The band then had fans jump and shout during THIRTEEN. Mix Speaker's,Inc. played thrilling songs like UNDEAD and MONSTIME one after another, entertaining fans with nonstop run-like-hell adventure experience in the forest. Finally, the six ghosts and their fans reached Ghost gate, but they were still only halfway through their escape from the haunted forest.

Set list

01. Yakusoku no mori
02. Side trip Killer rose
04. Ghost Orchestra
06. Toii kaze
09. Carni=balism
14. Ghost gate
15. Last hours


01. Oozora Canvas
02. Pandora
04. little star

Yoake no Mori (Haunted Forest at dawn), July 26th

The second night got off to an aggressive start with JUNK STORY. It was the first time Mix Speaker's,Inc. had played the song since new vocalist NIKA joined. The band banished the ominousness of the previous day with lively songs, such as Friday Night Busters and Urameshi Yashiki. seek went crowd-surfing during the second song Crash Clover. Fans enjoyed the band’s melodious songs that often involved vocal harmonies and choreography, as well as props such as penlights and Japanese folding fans.

“We are in the middle of our escape from the haunted forest. Let me guide your way”, said NIKA confidently. Then, the catchy melody and dramatic modulations of Carni=balism set the floor ablaze. Fans responded wildly to the guitar riffs while the three instrumentalists moved freely around the stage. The most noticeable difference maker was actually AYA, as he had completely changed his performance style. Instead of standing at the back of stage and focusing on his guitar-playing, here he aggressively stirred up fans.

Later, the two vocalists celebrated the blissful dawn in the forest with their dazzling harmony in Shiny tale. The band’s interactive performance style was at its best, and they were as confident and assured as ever. Shortly after, one last narration from LUNA and SUNNY played: “Now we can see the rays of morning light. But remember, the haunted forest always exists and awaits you. We will guide you through next time you wander into this forest.” After the narration, the band played the last song Yakusoku no Mori, as if the haunted forest was already yearning for fans to come back.

Before the encore, fans sang Happy Birthday for S. The drummer came out onstage to show his gratitude and address the audience: “Thank you. Actually, the six of us came up with this tour’s concept, stage design, and set list because we wanted to show the best we could prove to you at this moment. I would like to continue my journey with Mix Speaker's,Inc..” Afterwards, he was joined by the rest of the band, who also sang Happy Birthday for their bandmate. Mix Speaker's,Inc. then closed with another new song, Oozora Canvas, and Last hours.

Set list

02. Crash Clover
03. Friday Night Busters
04. Youwakusei Rhythm
05. Urameshi yashiki
06. Romeo no Melody
07. Side trip Killer rose
08. White feel
10. Carni=balism
11. Woody Nightmare
13. Aoi Monscar
15. Shiny tale
16. Yakusoku no mori


01. Oozora Canvas
02. Pandora
04. Lash hours
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