Holiday Special: Interview and Fan Q&A with vistlip

interview - 08.12.2014 11:01

vistlip answer your questions, share their future goals and look back on their fondest memories of the holidays.

Visual kei band vistlip are celebrating their seventh anniversary this year. With the holiday season fast approaching, they took some time to answer your questions and let us in on their plans for Christmas, the New Year and beyond.

Your band name carries the idea of a vision and sounds coming out of one’s mouth. What vision do you have for the band and how would you rate your progress toward this goal so far?

Umi: I think not only our band but visual elements must follow music. I want to reproduce any information coming from the eyes including situations, make-up and outfits for songs, or emotions and feelings at that time as much as possible with our original aesthetics. Of course, there are a lot of bands that don't pay much attention to visuals or decorations, but I think that can be their own aesthetic. It's not about working towards a goal because I don't see one at this point in time. I can't find any goal to work towards right now. Rather, as we progress and improve ourselves continuously, we'll be able to see where we're headed. When we're able to see that, we can then form a goal.

What are your thoughts on expanding your activities overseas?

Umi: I hope that we can expand if we get a chance because I want a lot of people listen to our music, but honestly I don't know a good way to do so, so I can’t; that's the truth.

You wrote Yoru, the ending theme for currently airing anime “Akatsuki no Yona”. How did this opportunity come about and what were your thoughts when creating this song?

Tomo: I wrote those lyrics because I couldn't tell our fans my pure affection, without lip service, at that time. It was a sorrowful thought.
Rui: I was just happy that we got the opportunity. Although the song was released before, they used it as a theme song for a new work; it was a true pleasure as a songwriter.
Tomo told me that he wanted me to express maximum sadness when I wrote the song, and the release date was in winter, so I imagined the coldness of winter and sad or transient feelings.
[Translator's note: Yoru was written by Tomo and Rui.]

What are your best memories of Christmas/New Year’s?

Tomo: When I was a child, I received an adapter for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System as a Christmas present; I cried because I didn't want it. I wanted a game. During the New Year's holidays, my parents often gave me a snack made of salmon between rice cakes; I didn't like it very much.
Yuh: It was the Christmas we spent with fans!! I was happy that I could say we were Santa Clauses during a show.
Umi: I couldn't get into my place on New Year's Day because I lost the key at a show on New Year's Eve.
Rui: When I was a child, friends of my father gave me three of the same toy and I said, "It's all right because I really like it! Thank you!" I still remember that I paid careful attention to them even though I was a little boy (laughs).
Tohya: I went back to my parents' home on New Year's Day after a long time, and my father prepared a highball mug for me, and my initials were carved into it.

What do you usually do on Christmas/New Year’s?

Tomo: I have a party with my friends on Christmas, or I go to a restaurant to have a Christmas dinner, if I have nothing scheduled for the band. I'm always with my family during the New Year's holidays.
Yuh: I want to rest at my place. I want to spend my time at ease because I don't like crowds.
Umi: I always watch a TV programme called “Akashiya Santa”.
Rui: I usually work for the band on Christmas, and I leisurely spend my time at my parents' home during the New Year's holidays while my family and I eat Osechi dishes that my mother cooks for us.
Tohya: I’ll be doing a Niconico live stream alone on my birthday.
[Translator's note: Tohya was born on January 3rd. The three days from the 1st to 3rd of January are treated as New Year's holidays in Japan.]

If you had to make a New Year’s resolution for one other band member, who would it be for and what would it be?

Tomo: Well, I want them to write good songs, that's all.
Yuh: Well, I want to make Tohya resolve to not work too much!
Umi: I don't like New Year’s resolutions and things like that very much.
Rui: I want to make myself resolve to be more punctual. (laughs).
Tohya: I want to make Umi resolve to write a song.

Please leave a message for your fans.

Tomo: Please feel our love with the song Yoru. We’ll always be with you through music.
Yuh: We reached our seventh year, and vistlip will be a charismatic band that can lead you fans more and more, so please follow us.
Umi: Gratitude.
Rui: We reached our seventh year, but I want to leap forward more and more in the future too, so please support us.
Tohya: Yes, we are always supported by you fans. Thank you.

Fan Q&A

I really like the song milk&macaron. I feel the music fits the scene of a couple walking together, with hands joined, on Christmas Eve. That's why I like to listen the song every December, especially for Christmas. However, what does the song actually mean? Can you please explain the true meaning of the song?
-KiRaiDesu, Indonesia

Tomo: In fact, this song is for a married couple. I described their resolutions for new days while they face a child that will be born tomorrow.
Rui: It's actually not related to Christmas, but that’s similar to the image I had when I wrote the song. I imagined lovers like a hero and heroine who appear in a fairy tale. The lyrics are actually from the man’s point of view, happily thinking of his sweetheart.
[Translator's note: milk&macaron was written by Tomo and Rui.]

For Umi: If one of your fans suddenly gave you a hug one day, what would your reaction be? Thank you for your answer!
-Melina, Mexico

Umi: I would be surprised at first. I might reflexively slap her. I would scold her. I might get angry or be frightened. I have no idea unless I'm actually in such a situation, but I guess it wouldn’t leave a very good impression.
I know it's a cultural difference... but I would want her to express that goodwill in other ways.

How do you solve problems that sometimes surface between band members?
-Nada Lakhal, Morocco

Tomo: I tell him directly. Sometimes I get angry. I think all of us are usually willing to accept another band member's advice without argument though.
Yuh: I talk it out and then decide! But they hardly ever happen!
Umi: With a one-to-one conversation. But problems hardly happen.
Rui: Basically, problems don't happen among the members of vistlip. We are pacifists (laughs).
Tohya: I would give myself time until I'm able to manage it in my mind. Time can resolve most problems.

JaME would like to thank vistlip for the interview.
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