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Tokami was formed at the beginning of 2005 by the drummer, 1000 (Sen), with vocalist Kaito and guitarist Tomo. The name Tokami was chosen because it is composed of the words "kami," meaning god, and "to," which when written in Chinese characters looks like a plus, or arrows pointing in 4 directions, representing the band's desire to become a superior creature, facing and embracing all directions.

Having held their first concert on April 2nd 2005 in Urawa Narciss, the band toured Tokyo and its vicinity almost constantly. Finally in January 2006 the band released their first demo mini-album, SHOCK ROCK OF THE DARKNESS, while gradually gaining more attention in the underground scene through their tours. Already in August 2006 they held their first free one-man.

As they toured, the band distributed a number of nameless demos, and it wasn’t until the beginning of 2007 that they released their second "proper" demo mini-album, SHOCK ROCK OF THE FRAGMENTS, which, like the first, sold out. Their first maxi-single, SILENCE OF ANGEL came out in February, after which their song was included in an omnibus, CYBER CHILDREN Vol.1. This was the last release with the original line-up, as in August Kaito and Tomo left the band. This, however, did not discourage 1000 from continuing Tokami with support members; their new vocalist, Kanae, was found by October. Two months later came The Brand-New Darkness, the first mini-album featuring the new vocalist, followed by another song being included in an omnibus.

The year 2008 started successfully with Ichika joining the band in February, and their support guitarists K and Shige became official members in May. It was also around this time that their new maxi-single, mist of cherry blossoms was released. Just as the band was full of energy and ready for more action, Kanae left in June. Continuing to give concerts and making more demo releases with support vocalists, the band did not give up and on October 10th one of their support vocalists Agato (ex-Rutiru) officially joined Tokami, completing the current line-up. The first official release with the current line-up was the maxi-single, Rebirth of the Darkness, released in December, while one of the live distributions contained a PV of the band with Agato on vocals.

In January 2009, a DVD containing the PV for their song Nibiiro no ame, sashidasareta hidarite was released, followed by their next mini-album, Invasion of the Darkness in March. For the first time, the band went on a short successful tour around the country, including shows in Nagoya, Osaka and Sendai, in the spring. During the summer they embarked on another tour, after which the band held a one-man show. The conclusion of the year was the release of another mini-album, The Under of Garden in December.

In 2010, Tokami continued releasing several singles and DVDs, which were sold at lives only. At their one-man at Takadanobaba AREA in August they finally released their first full album, Cathedral, which appeared in stores country-wide that autumn. Shortly after, in October, the band played a special one-man, which was limited to 50 people and aimed at thanking their fans for continuous support and to celebrate two years of Tokami in the current line-up.

After continuing to tour the country and play numerous lives in Tokyo, Tokami went on a hiatus in June 2011. It was short-lived however, and they reappeared in September to make a fresh start under the label Starwave Records after having significantly changed their image. It was announced at the same time that there would be a country-wide release of a new mini-album Resurrection in November. During their break the band seemed to have been concentrating their efforts on planning their development, which the fans will have the chance to experience in the near future.
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