Tsukiko Amano

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Tsukiko Amano

Tsukiko Amano discovered her love for music during her first music lessons at the young age of five. She stayed loyal to it and joined the school choir as soprano in junior high school.

In high school, Tsukiko experimented with various musical styles and instruments and joined the theater group as well. Soon after, she bought her first guitar and performed at clubs, bars and on the street, which is where she gained her first experiences as a performer. She played in a band for a short while, but the band quickly came to an end and she was lucky enough to get a demo to Otokura Records via a friend.

Her first indies single, Hakoniwa, was released in April 2001 and after two more indies releases her first major single, Bodaiju, came out in November the same year. Many singles followed, along with her first albums Sharon Stones and MEG & LiON.

Tsukiko Amano became known overseas toward the end of 2003 when she created image songs for Tecmo's survival horror game series, "Fatal Frame."Chou was composed for the second game "Crimson Butterfly" while Koe was used in the third installment, "The Tormented."

Her song iDEA, released in 2004, was used as the ending theme for the anime series "Konjiki no Gashbell!!" Her popularity grew dramatically at this time. After a break of two years, Tsukiko Amano's long anticipated album, A MOON CHILD IN THE SKY, was released.

The artist celebrated her fifth anniversary in 2006. As a show of gratitude to her fans, she released five birthday singles, Karasu, Fukurou, Utakata, Fuusen and Konton -chaos-. In November, the matching PV collection, 5-five-, came out. In November, Catalog, her first real best-of compilation, was released.

With the release of Howling in April 2007, Tsukiko became independent again. The year seemed quiet for the artist. However, the year 2008 kicked off with a January single release followed by a New Year's concert at Shibuya O-EAST.

Later that same year Tsukiko created, for the latest "Fatal Frame" game the song, Zero no Chouritsu. The single was released by the end of July, and what was to be her last album, ZERO, on September 3rd.

On November 24, however, Tsukiko presented NOISE, a new mini album with its title track being used as the ending song for the video game.

In 2009 Tsukiko Amano's limited second DVD box Omohide 2 could be purchased, and it was followed by several more DVDs. Since then it has become quite calm around the artist. At first she strictly followed her plans to compose only for other artists: she wrote music for mai and her debut album 19nineteen by the end of 2009 for example.

However, it seemed that she really couldn’t diverge from her own career and so she secretly came back as Amano Tsuki at her old label Otokura Records at the beginning of 2010. Since the release of her new debut single, Hikari no CIRCUS, by the end of January 2010, another single and two albums were released. Her latest original album Licht, came out on July 7.

The musician kicked off the year 2011 with the releases of her album Ten hare and single CORE, which both were released on January 1. Her fans were treated to another release and a live around St. Valentines Day. At the beginning of April her anniversary album DECADE was released, which included new arrangements of many of her hits. The second single of the year, Ringo no ki, came out in May.

The rest of 2011 will see the release of her next mini album, Bara to shinjyu, on November 9 and a live performance at Shinjuku BLAZE held on her birthday, November 18.

We look forward to what she may do next.
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