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Shinkou Shuukyou Gakudan NoGoD, or more conveniently just NoGoD, was formed by the vocalist, Danchou in Tokyo in March 2005. The first half year was spent by Danchou gathering members, practicing and planning - or as he says, "experimentally propagating daily." The band rehearsed and planned in silence to start with full power from their very first live, This debut came in October 2005 at Akasaka L@N followed by a demo single, Kimi ni Okuru Bukiyou de Migattena Uta. The demo was sold out on the same day.

The rest of 2005 and the beginning of 2006 was spent performing at event lives and sessions in live houses all over Tokyo. The first one-man would finally come in April 2006, Shuukyou Daisensou, at the Ikebukuro CYBER. They had an interesting, over the top visual style from the outset, with Danchou's appearance akin to a clown and a concept of unusual religious based ideas, as seen in the release titles, the concert names and Danchou's unique 'Bible Mic'. This image has maintained through the years, and NoGoD stayed true to their concept, despite the obvious many changes to the band.

2006 was a release heavy year following their signing to the Art Pop Entertainment label. Summer saw a two-month consecutive release campaign with Aka Fukyou (Red Propagation) and Kuro Fukyou (Black Propagation). Their second mini album in December, Kanna Fukyou (Godless Propagation) followed this naming trend. It was also the first time that NoGoD decided to go with two types of one release; one version contained a bonus DVD while the other contained a bonus song, a live version. The limited edition's DVD contained a rather interesting, fictional story about the formation of NoGoD, a PV and a live video featuring one of their now most popular songs, Kyokan Gekiretsu Ranchiki Kyo. As a point of interest, Murai Kenjirou (bassist of CYCLE, ex.cali≠gari & SEX MACHINEGUNS) worked on the mini album as the band's 'sound adviser' and this influence is notable on listening; the bass lines on it are a lot more prominent and the overall sound is more developed than on NoGoD's previous releases.

In 2007, the band hit their first hiccup as guitarist Aki decided to leave the band after their April one-man, although he decided after discussions with other members to stay on until July, when the new member would be introduced, minimizing the disruption to their active schedule on the event live circuit. The releases stayed fairly constant too, with a new single ever few months or so. Shinno was announced as the new guitarist on July 28th at the one-man at Shibuya O-East, a date that also coincided with the release of Ten (Heaven).

The end of the year saw the first Danchou's Birthday Festival~Saitama no chuusin de ai wo sakebu live in celebration of the charismatic vocalist. The title cheekily references the popular Ayase Haruka/ Yamada Takayuki drama, "Sekai no chuushin de ai wo sakebu", which translates to 'Screaming out love in the center of the world', or in NoGoD's case, Saitama (Danchou's home prefecture). The celebration has now become an annual event of mini session bands and various amusing events in addition to a standard NoGoD live.

In April 2008, the band finally released their first studio album, Mugenkyo. It was a mark of how far they had come that they played the tour final for the Mugenkyo release in the atmospheric Kudan Kaikan, just round the corner from the Budokan. Mugenkyo was a critically well received album and the group followed it up with the equally impressive Gokusaishiki in 2009. Their efforts had not gone unnoticed as they came to the attention of major labels and subsequently announced in November 2009 that they would make their major debut joining the King Records label.

The Major 1st Action (in their words) of this newly major NoGoD was the single Kakusei in May 2010. It raised their profile further when it was used as the ending theme for the show "Futtonda" on Chuukyo TV. The ensuing promotional tour would then take them abroad for the first time with a performance in Taiwan.

While NoGoD continued their event-live activities, they began to involve themselves in more interesting projects. In January 2011, they began hosting their own radio show, 'NoGoD Bless You!!!' on Tokyo's BayFM radio station. They also took part in the compilation, Crush! -90's V-Rock Best Hit Cover Songs- covering Siam Shade's song 1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou.

Now in late 2011, their second album, Genjitsu has been received well and the band are touring throughout Autumn to support the release. For a band with big plans and such a packed schedule lying ahead the future is bright for NoGoD.
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