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In August 2004, lynch. stormed the visual kei scene, backed by vocalist Hazuki, the previous vocalist of DEATHGAZE, guitarist Reo from Gullet and drummer asanao of Sicstar. They continued for several months before they were joined by Yukino, who had originally played with Reo in Gullet. Yukino did not become a full-fledged member, however, and joined lynch. as a support bassist. On December 27th, they held their first concert at Shibuya Club Quattro.

The band began to tour at the start of 2005 prior to the release of their first album, greedy dead souls, which was a ten-track album. This substantial first release quickly drew attention to the band, and their activity flourished as lynch. launched their first six-month tour, grade of greed.

In November, they joined deadman for a coupling tour that ran until the beginning of December. During this tour they released their first maxi-single, Underneath The Skin. By the time of this release, lynch. had become a visual kei buzzword, and the single sold out almost immediately. Today, it is still extremely difficult to find second-hand. lynch. wrapped up the year with a final tour, which consisted of all one man shows except for their tour final.

lynch. immediately launched into 2006 with a second coupling tour with deadman, before they held a short reprise tour. It seemed as if the band would keep up their whirlwind of activity through that year, but with little notice, lynch>. suddenly took a hiatus in March. In July, much to the delight of fans, lynch. released their second maxi-single which was a live-only distribution given out at the revival one-man show, REUNION THE 4 STARZ at Nagoya ELL FITS ALL. The resumed activities meant more touring for the band, and they held performances through the fall. lynch.'s official 2006 tour, march on the blinds began in November, and despite the late start, they made up for it with plenty of dates, as well as the release of their third and fourth maxi-singles on top of a live DVD.

2007 proved to be one of the band's craziest years, and they moved non-stop. With the release of their fifth maxi-single in the middle of January, which sold out quickly in its first pressing, lynch. joined a coupling tour with Sadie and girugamesh, before continuing 2007 tours that ran through the release of their second full-length album, The Avoided Sun. The band spent the remainder of the year touring, and in November, released their third full album which comprised of rerecorded older songs.

lynch. kept up their busy lifestyle in 2008, touring through the spring and released their sixth maxi-single in February. In April, the band held their first one-man tour, URGE to DROWN, before joining Sadie and SCREW in a coupling tour. Through the rest of the spring into the summer, the band participated in many events, such as stylish wave ILLUSION, SHOCK WAVE and Cross Gate. In August, lynch. held one more coupling tour with Mix Speaker's,Inc..

In October, the band released their seventh maxi-single and held their fall tour, which ended shortly before Tokyo Chaos, a large event held at Shibuya-AX with bands such as SEX MACHINEGUNS and PENICILLIN. On December 27th, the band held their fourth anniversary premium live, THE CONSOLIDATED IDEAL at Nagoya Electric Lady Land, which quickly sold out.

lynch. started 2009 with a bang, having participated in stylish wave ILLUSION'09 vol.1 at Zepp Tokyo before releasing their second DVD, Official Bootleg II. lynch. has spent much of their spring touring and had many lives scheduled through the early summer, including appearing at Sugar's last live event. The band's official 2009 tour, The Shadow Impulse kicked off in July, running through December, and lynch. wrapped up the year celebrating their 5th anniversary where it all began, at Nagoya Bottomline.

2010 proved a busy year for lynch., who not only announced the intention to go major (while remaining under Marginal Works, their originating record label), but released two singles, a gleam in eye and judgment. In September, the band launched their final indies tour, THE JUDGMENT DAYS, as well as welcomed a new bassist, Akinori. However, halfway through the tour, Hazuki announced he was diagnosed with acute pharyngitis and laryngitis and would need to refrain from performing. The band made the mutual agreement to carry on the tour without him, and continued to sell out events through the finale.

Despite lynch.'s setbacks of 2011, the band was back in full swing by 2011, recording for their new album, I BELIEVE IN ME which is set to hit store shelves on June 1, 2011. This new album will be released under King Records. To commemorate, the band is holding a one-man at Shibuya-AX on May 11, which holds the same title as the new album.

Their 2011 tour, THE BELIEF IN MYSELF will begin in June and span the entire country, finishing up at Nagoya BOTTOMLINE on August 28, 2011.
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