Sugar Trip

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Sugar Trip

Around 2001 three members -- Jack on vocals, Taka on guitars and bass, and Yuki on drums -- created a band called death+qpid. In that same year they released three CDs.

Then things changed; in early 2002 the three members were joined by a new guitarist, Joe and in April they decided to create a 'new' band. Sugar Trip officially begun activity in August. By November, they participated in Eternal label's nationwide tour, which included performances in fifteen different places. Unfortunately, a few months later in April 2003, Eternal dissolved. In May tracks from both death+cupid as well as Sugar Trip were featured on the label's memorial album, 'KALEIDOSCOPE'. In June another memorial release featuring Sugar Trip, this time a video entitled kenka joutou was also released. In that same month Hibiki of Garnet (better known as Yayoi, the vocalist of Deadly Sanctuary, amongst many other bands) created a brand new label, Climax Enterprise, to which he signed Sugar Trip.

Throughout the early summer they focused on playing live, and in August they finally released their first maxi-single, Humanwatching / heta na shitagokoro ni kakusareta honne no urakokoro. It was followed a month later by their first mini-album baka(baka) ni tsukeru [doku=kusuri(kusuri)], then the band was back to live houses playing gig after gig. In February 2004 Climax Enterprise released an omnibus entitled Mercury, which included one song from Sugar Trip. In the same month SHOXX magazine released JUKEBOX, an omnibus featuring artists from the labels Climax Enterprise and Lucifer's Records, which also included one of their tracks.

Their second mini-album came out in May, and in the same month the band went on a nationwide tour. In June, Climax released another omnibus commemorating the first anniversary of the label's creation. Before the year ended, Sugar Trip released their second maxi-single and third mini-album. They also announced the release of a special CD+DVD set entitled okaidoku, commemorating the second anniversary of their activity as Sugar Trip, but unfortunately, the release was postponed.

Climax Enterprise faced certain problems and in April 2005 the label dissolved. Sugar Trip wanted to continue, but after losing a label once again they didn't stay together very long. The band officially disbanded after their last show on May 23rd at Meguro Rock may kan.
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